My Harley Street, London Addiction Counselling Practice can help you overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, internet, and more.  Professional and confidential addiction counselling.  I can help because I’ve been there. I know how to get out. Your next step is to call me on 0203 239 7061

What the media says

“Mark Dempster is one of the UK’s most respected addiction experts”
Sunday Mail, Scotland,

Also featured in The Sun, The Evening Standard, eFinancial, ITV Daybreak and many more.

If you are looking for help for addictions, from drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, alcohol addiction, internet addiction, and more; I know how to help you regain control and end your addictions safely and quickly.  I am a central London addiction specialist and counsellor dedicated to helping people turn their lives around.  You will find peace of mind after working with me, the turbulent life style of addiction will be removed as I walk with you through the steps of recovery.

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There are many options available for stopping addiction, the twelve step programs, detox clinics, counselling, and more.  I have worked in this field for 15 years and through my experience with thousands of addicts across all types of addictions I can provide you the best solution to beating your addiction.

If you need a detox recovery plan, Restorative Recovery Prescribing offers a successful homeopathic approach to detox that is built on a synergistic strategy of detox medication and counselling. We have shown that where addiction detox is required, our system has a high retention and detox rate, and leads to full recovery.

There is often a lot of resistance to getting addiction treatment, even when someone reaches their rock bottom and reaches out for my help.  It is easy to sink back into the habit of addiction.  Make this the resolution of your life and follow through!  Your mind may fight it and send out all the excuses; the shame and guilt of being an addict, not being able to face your friends and family, you can’t juggle work and life commitments to spend time in counselling, you want to but simply can’t stop using…  Fight this negativity and trust in me and my ability to help you beat addiction.

If you continue following the decisions and habits that have lead you to the life you are currently in but want to change, the only way to achieve clarity and a real solution is to apply an external force to show you the way out.  You have not failed! You are not unfixable! You have simply followed a path that many others have gone down.  You are not alone on this path even if you do feel isolated on it.  We are humans and are easily lead down paths that we find out too late are ones we do not want to be following.

If you were driving to a destination and got lost, would you stop and ask for directions?  Or would you simply keep trying and trying to get there?  If you ask for directions you will get to where you want to go much faster!  Counselling is very similar, you stop and ask for directions and get to recovery faster.

If you are looking for a way out and get control over your mind and life I will be there for you and show you the right way to ensure success.  Whether you are hooked on drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, ketamine, alcohol, painkillers, prescriptions, or behavioural addictions like sex, gambling, internet, pornography; I have seen it all and helped many individuals and couples work through counselling and therapy to build the life and lives they have always hoped for. I offer a free consultation to discuss the best course of action tailored for your personal needs.